Mattmac music

At 40,000+ streams across all platforms, blind Indigenous music producer and recording artist Mattmac’s catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics and hard hitting beat presented on his first single “Paradise” is turning heads across North America.

Upon the song’s release, the song hit Top 10 on the NCI FM Indigenous Music Countdown hosted by SiriusXM Canada and made its official debut on Virgin Radio Winnipeg on the Ace Burpee Show. It has been added to over  200 Spotify playlists and has garnered over 5,000 views on YouTube. The music video debuted on CBC Indigenous with a featured story that has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook within the first day, and was later featured on CTV News Winnipeg.

Hailing from Garden Hill First Nation, Mattmac has been blind from birth. He grew up surrounded by music both on the radio and singing in his community’s gospel choir. He began to struggle with depression at a young age and credits music for helping him cope. A fully self-taught artist, he first began to make beats and write songs when he was 13 years old, and later taught himself how to play piano and guitar. He also has impressive skills with beat production software and equipment, and has been self-releasing music since 2009.

Mattmac was first launched into the music scene in 2016 when N’we Jinan, a travelling music studio visited his community and invited him to collaborate with them. Pulling inspiration from his personal story, they created a song and video titled “Help You See” that has since been watched nearly 200,000 times on YouTube and Facebook. Through this project, Mattmac performed alongside Nelly Furtado at Indigenous Day Live and WeDay Canada Day on Parliament Hill in 2017. Mattmac has since received a significant amount of press and performance opportunities across the country, including a short documentary done by Accessible Media INC and a feature on CBC Manitoba. He attributes his success to the support of the Blind & Famous group, a USA based collective of blind music artists who collaborate and connect with one another.

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