Nate Daviau

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Hailing from the North, inspired by the South, Toronto-born artist and songwriter Nate Daviau’s distinctive voice, meaningful turn of phrase and lyrical ease, and hook-oriented melodies make his songs catchy and memorable. Currently attending Berklee School of Music in Boston, Nate’s influences stem from his broad interest in country, pop, and folk music. His singles “Carry This Love”  and “Miss Him Two” received significant airplay on country radio stations across Canada. Nate’s debut album, This Round’s On Me, was released in September and has reached #11 on the ITunes Canadian Country Charts.

Nate is just 21 years old, but he has already face the battles of addiction. While this experience can be devastating, it actually had a positive effect on Nate and his music. According to Nate, “I’d say sobriety made me an artist because before I was just someone who made music, and then I became someone who had something to share. My songwriting definitely got a lot better – got a lot more focused.”

Nate recently appeared on an episode of CTV’s THE LAUNCH, where he performed his new single, “Empty Glass”. Response to the track on the show was amazing.

 “That’s a great, great song – I wanna sing that song!”-  Marie Mai

“You’ve been through a journey and it’s bold to be able to tell the truth. More power to you, man.” – Bryan Adams

While many country songs celebrate drinking beer, whiskey and bourbon, “Empty Glass” is a song about the consequences of all the celebration. It’s a poignant song about addiction and recovery. It’s a song that will speak to your listeners. And it’s already climbing the ITunes Canadian Country singles charts – currently at #50.  Be sure to add ‘Empty Glass’ to your playlist today!

Originaire du Nord, inspiré par le Sud, Nate Daviau est un compositeur-interprète et guitariste né à Toronto. Nate est un artiste attachant qui a un lien naturel et facile avec les gens. Un artiste country inspiré par des grands noms comme Chris Stapleton et Jason Isbell, Nate a de larges intérêts de la pop, du folk et du jazz qui influencent sa musique.

La voix distinctive de Nate, son tour de phrase significatif et sa facilité d’expression lyrique avec des mélodies orientées hook pour rendre ses chansons accrocheuses et mémorables. Nate est aussi un écrivain prolifique et aime collaborer avec plusieurs artistes dans différents formats et genres à Boston, MA où il assiste au Berklee College of Music. Le premier single “Carry This Love” a sorti en février. Et Nate est de retour avec une nouvelle chanson que vous allez adorer!

Son nouveau single ‘Empty Glass’, a été interprété sur la la deuxième saison de l’émission  The Launch