Raff Pylon

raff pylon

Hypnotic hooks, sleek grooves and sparkling studio sheen: The musical alchemy of Raff Pylon radiates with effervescent pop magic. Across a slate of new songs, the artist’s soulful vulnerability is a poignant touchstone, revealed through the authenticity in the lyrics and the intimacy of his voice. “I don’t write off of a blank page,” he says. “I have to live. I write my songs from who I meet, what I witness, and how I feel.”

Previously recognized as the charismatic front man, keyboardist and songwriter for the Montreal-based band Bridgeway, Raff Pylon now commands the spotlight as a solo artist. His signature sound reveals the sonic imprint of Southern California, where he works at Tito Jackson’s very own studio with Los Angeles-based Grammy-winning producer Trillionaire Earl Powell   (Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole), and Canada, where his studio partners include Rob Wells (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande), and Ben Pelchat (Boy George, Chrissie Hynde), working out of the legendary Kensington Sound studio in Toronto. In addition to contributing a music store’s worth of instruments, Raff also co-produces and arranges the songs.

From playing drums at age three, Raff subsequently developed considerable abilities on keyboards, guitar, and bass. “I force myself not to work on my instruments too much though,” he explains. “I tend to let myself forget, so when I throw my hands on the instruments I discover something new.”

With French ancestry and Canadian roots, Raff considers himself a citizen of the world. He has traveled extensively from America to Europe – which he considers his second home – and to Africa and Asia.  The geographical connections between people and cultures reinforce his essential message. “Where you’re born doesn’t mean who you are,” he says. “The more I see the world, I want to talk to people about how we should be together. That’s how I see my music: It’s for everybody. People from everywhere can enjoy a moment with me.”

And now you can enjoy a moment with Raff and Snoop Dogg this Christmas. The pair have teamed up for a fun new holiday tune, “Christmas in California. It’s sure to bring some warmth to your celebrations.

Le chanteur Raphaël Pilon, alias Raff Pylon, qui s’est notamment fait connaître au sein de la formation Bridgeway et un participant sur La Voix, tente maintenant une nouvelle chanson festif avec Snoop Dogg!

Le son caractéristique de Raff Pylon révèle l’empreinte sonore du sud de la Californie, où il travaille dans le propre studio de Tito Jackson avec Earl Powell (Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole) et au Canada, où ses partenaires de studio incluent Rob Wells (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande), et Ben Pelchat (Boy George, Chrissie Hynde), travaillant au légendaire studio Kensington Sound à Toronto, Raff coproduit et arrange les chansons.

D’origine française et canadienne, Raff se considère comme un citoyen du monde. Il a beaucoup voyagé d’Amérique en Europe – qu’il considère comme sa deuxième patrie – et en Afrique et en Asie. Les liens géographiques entre les peuples et les cultures renforcent son message essentiel. «L’endroit où vous êtes né ne représente pas qui vous êtes», dit-il. «Plus je vois le monde, plus je veux parler aux gens de ce qui nous rassemble. C’est ainsi que je vois ma musique: c’est pour tout le monde. Les gens de partout peuvent profiter d’un moment avec moi. »

Raff Pylon et Snoop Dogg se sont associés pour une nouvelle chanson de vacances amusante, “Noël en Californie”. Il apportera certainement de la chaleur à vos célébrations.